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The County Staff Club is situated in the premises at 77 Eastgate Street, Stafford and aims to provide recreation, sporting and leisure activities to help balance the demands of work and day to day life for all public service employees of the County of Staffordshire.

Following a proven formula the club offers its members, their families and friends:

  • Holidays, Short Breaks and Days Out

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Sporting links

  • Food and Catering

  • Social activities on the premises


We are also interested in what you, our members, want so please let us know if you have an idea or event you would like us to consider.

Access is possible either directly from Eastgate Street or by our rear entrance off Tipping Street, through the Car Park adjacent to the Families First Office.

Parking is only available during evenings and weekends in the above car park.

Contact us here for more information.